The mission of Ohio Interfaith Power and Light (OhIPL) is to empower a religious response to climate change and to promote energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. We focus on tangible results in religious communities–putting our faith into action.

OhIPL provides opportunities to network and fellowship with people from diverse faith communities who are responding to the climate change crisis. In collaboration with other local, state, and national environmental organizations, we offer the religious voice to programs that mitigate the levels of green-house gases in the atmosphere and ameliorate the distress of those suffering from climate change. We educate congregations on the sources of green-house gases and are advocates for policies that reduce green-house gas emissions, adapt to evolving climate change and develop a sustainable future for Ohio and its neighbors.

OhIPL welcomes membership from churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, and other faith communities; from committees or groups within those bodies; and individuals.

Congregations and individuals are challenged to choose actions that could include:

  • Communicate with others about the morality of climate change
  • Conduct an energy audit of their facility or home and begin to make changes to reduce energy usage by at least 10%
  • Install or purchase renewable or ‘green’ power from utilities
  • Sponsor ecological footprint education
  • Advocate for stronger environmental protection policies
  • Promote public mass transportation, bicycling and walk-able communities

Sara Ward, Director of Ohio Interfaith Power & Light invites all persons of faith “to be a part of a faithful response to the devastating effects of climate change. This is an opportunity to put faith into action and unite in our stewardship of God’s creation.”

Watch the video below for an overview of a religious response to climate change: