We seek to unite the voices of people of diverse beliefs throughout Ohio in a spiritually-inspired and active response to climate change. Concerned about the interdependent systems of discrimination and the disproportionate impacts of climate disruption on frontline communities, we act to facilitate deeper connections, reduce carbon impacts, advocate for strong policy, and empower leadership to work together for a more just and sustainable world.


As people with diverse belief systems, we envision a world where:

  • individuals, congregations, and communities come together to collaboratively steward the Earth and all its human and non-human life forms, and where
  • we power a rapid societal shift toward clean, renewable, and equitable energy sources for all, and where
  • communities are empowered to take action towards environmental justice and work together to heal the traumas endured by the Earth and all its inhabitants, and where
  • ultimately everyone is liberated from all forms of oppression,

AND we believe this new world is not only possible, but necessary.


Spiritually-inspired leadership and stewardship – We honor the wisdom of our diverse belief systems and spiritual traditions around heart-centered Earth stewardship and strive to embody it in our own lives and communities.

Empowering personal and collective transformation – We believe that all people have the capacity to grow, heal, and flourish as change agents in building a more just world together. Awakening hearts and educating minds about the intersectional impacts of climate change through reflection is necessary for this work at every level, from the individual to the collective.

Interfaith collaboration and community – We value nurturing strong, just relationships among individuals and communities of all different faith and spiritual backgrounds. We believe that our movements and social systems must be relational in order to manifest real ecological change and healing.

Intersectional movement-building – We work to dismantle the overlapping interdependent systems of discrimination, as the uncompromisable core of climate justice work. We believe that all justice movements must organize in solidarity to end all forms of oppression, including but not limited to racism, sexism, classism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, imperialism, colonialism and predatory economic and political systems.

Centering marginalized voices, experiences, and stories – We believe in centering and honoring the stories and experiences of all people and communities, creatures, and lands that have been harmed by injustice. We value creating safer spaces to share stories of the past and present, honor our ancestors, heal collective and individual traumas, and begin to tell new stories of a more just and regenerative future.

To download Ohio IPL’s Mission/Vision/Value Statement, CLICK HERE.

Sara Ward, Director of Ohio Interfaith Power & Light invites all persons of faith “to be a part of a faithful response to the devastating effects of climate change. This is an opportunity to put faith into action and unite in our stewardship of God’s creation.”

Watch the video below for an overview of a religious response to climate change: