Advocacy & Justice Caucus

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To address the devastating consequences of climate change, we need to change our personal habits and speak out on public policy affecting the environment.

Advocacy = speaking or acting on behalf of yourself or another person or cause.

  • Our Advocacy is grounded in the religious tenets of caring for our neighbor and the most vulnerable, protecting Creation, and preserving the planet for generations to come.
  • We advocate for policies that support energy conservation, clean energy, clean air and water, and ecojustice.
  • We advocate for programs that combat the devastating consequences of climate change.
  • We advocate by working collaboratively towards change that matters in the lives of people and cares for creation.
  • We advocate from a foundation of awareness, love, and compassion–relying on faith and affirming the religious dimensions of our shared life.

OhIPL’s is an advocate for climate action by:

  • sharing the religious voice in policies addressing climate change (Clergy sermons and OpEds,  Letters to the Editors, display booths at events, speakers in churches and community forums);

  • communicating the religious response to climate change to the public, faith leaders, government officials and elected representatives;

  • and supporting and informing one another on our efforts (action alerts, conference calls, webinars, workshops).

Join OhIPL Justice and Advocacy. Help Ohio respond to climate change!

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We look forward to your involvement.