Cal DeWitt Preprint Articles

Cal DeWitt Preprint Articles

Click here for schedule of Cal DeWitt presentations in Columbus and Wooster, Jan. 26-29, 2012

Click here for an index of Cal DeWitt Powerpoint presentations and their relation to readings below.

Powerpoint files can be accessed via a public Dropbox folder:

Addressing Disciplinary Fragmentation (4.8MB)

Will Destroyers of Earth Be Destroyed? (9.6MB)

Plants and Soils in Biospheric Context (14.7MB)

Climate and Agricultural Ethics (8.5MB)

The Dunn Paradigm (14.8MB)


Articles for review related to Dr. DeWitt’s presentations:

The Professor and the Pupil: Addressing Secularization and Disciplinary Fragmentation in Academia (2007)

Community Mobilization: A Case Study of the Town of Dunn (1996)

Guardening (2004)

Neighborliness (2004)

Creation and God’s Judgment (1996)

Green Bible — Reading the Bible Through a Green Lens (2007)

Earthwise, 3rd ed. sample (2011)

Earth’s Biospheric Economy (2010)

Sabbaths for the Land (1994)

To Safeguard and Renew: The Principles of Stewardship of the Creation as the Fifth Mark of Christian Mission (2008)

Science, Ethics, and Praxis: Getting it All Together (1998)

Unsustainable Agriculture and Land Use: Restoring Stewardship for Biospheric Sustainability (2009)

Green Salon — Environmental Stewardship (2012)

Spiritual and Religious Perspectives on Creation and Scientific Understanding of Nature (2000/2002)

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