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Strachan facing flight of flair pair

As someone who was intimate with Alex Ferguson at Aberdeen and Manchester United, Gordon Strachan knows well that restlessness is a quality in football. But it can be the bane of a manager’s life when players decide the grass looks greener elsewhere.

Two of Strachan’s most creative players at Southampton, the Swede Anders Svensson and the Frenchman Fabrice Fernandes, left Cardiff bearing canada goose coat 1000 calorie meal plans losers’ medals and grievances. The two represent ugly cracks in the structure Strachan has been building at Southampton since arriving 17 months ago.

Although on Saturday Strachan played down the significance of Svensson’s 75th-minute substitution and Fernandes’s non-appearance until the 87th minute, presumably each individual’s dissatisfaction will have to be addressed before the manager can contemplate any possible additions to his squad this summer, a squad that begins next season in Europe.

Not even that carrot appealed to Svensson as he cast doubt over whether he will be back at St Mary’s next season. “We’ll see,” he replied. “It’s a possibility it could be my last game.”

Svensson, whose natural subtlety was restricted to one neat first-half drag-back in the Arsenal box, then outlined his frustration: “We lost to a team that was definitely better than us. You could see for yourselves that we didn’t create that many chances.

“But for me there was no logical explanation for our tactics in the second half. If you are 1-0 down with less than 45 minutes to play you have to try to score. best ideas about canada goose parka on pinterest You don’t substitute a player who could create something. I was very angry. best ideas about canada goose parka on pinterest The good thing is that he brought on a striker but I actually thought Jo Tessem could have come on earlier. The manager told me I did a good job but, if that’s the case, why did he take me off?”

This rumble occurred in the authenitc canada goose outlet store in gta with discount price Millennium Stadium’s cold concrete bowels. Yet at the same time in an adjacent side room Strachan was calling Svensson “honest and very happy. I am very proud of canada goose coat – hybridge lite him.” And it was Anders, not the Saints defender Michael, to whom Strachan was referring.

What happens next for Anders Svensson is thus a Southampton priority, though he seems a stalwart character when compared with the peripatetic Fernandes. Rennes, Fulham, Rangers, Marseille and Southampton have all made it on to the Fernandes CV and he is still only 23.

Fernandes cut a disenchanted figure as he ignored Strachan’s handshaking of players around him as Southampton awaited the medal ceremony. Strachan belatedly laid a hand on the winger, patting him can you wash canada goose jacket on the back as can you wash a canada goose coat he mounted the podium. But it was no reconciliation.

A common thought was that Fernandes’s lithe probing might have generated more pressure on Arsenal’s unfit back four but it transpired that the 6-1 defeat at Highbury 10 days earlier was canada goose coat $5000 no credit check signature loans not the irrelevance everybody claimed.

Because of the way Robert Pires had glided by Fernandes on his way to buy canada goose jacket toronto a hat-trick at Highbury, Strachan decided to bolster his right flank by playing the inexperienced 21-year-old Chris Baird at full-back with Paul Telfer stationed in front. It was a bold managerial move and, given Baird’s accomplished display and Pires’s listless one, it worked.

“We needed more strength in that area – it was a must,” said Strachan. “It’s unfortunate for Fabrice but we needed more strength there. We wanted to win the game.

“But don’t worry [about Fer nandes]. I played in best canada goose jacket for skiing every game in the run-up to the quarter-final for Aberdeen. In the final I was 14th man in the days of 13 players. So I sat in the stands. I know what it’s like.”

Whether Fernandes is interested in the detail of Aberdeen’s 1978 Scottish Cup run is debatable. Neither he nor Svensson would have enjoyed hearing Strachan talk about the need to “cut out the frills”.

But Strachan urged neutrals not to dwell on negativity. After a golfing break in La Manga he hopes to be recruiting soon. “I don’t want to get into the politics of football,” he said, when the monopolisation of silverware by four clubs was put to him, but Southampton are part of the Premiership’s upwardly mobile middle class in a league that lacks competitive variety above them.

They now have to build on what 2003 has brought them. Fortunately Strachan and his chairman Rupert Lowe are both restless men, too. There is a degree of foresight at St Mary’s not always in evidence elsewhere.

Numbers 17 to 20 in their squad show Southampton’s increasing depth – Marian Pahars canadagoosesalesus, Rory Delap, Danny Higginbotham and David Prutton. None of them played on Saturday but all have a Southampton future.

Strachan does have much to ponder this summer. But so do Anders Svensson and Fabrice Fernandes.

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