State Initiatives

Ohio Interfaith Power and Light encourages public policies that protect the earth, ensure public health and well-being, reduce pollution and greenhouse gases, and support energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy sources. Our work on public policies is grounded in the religious tenets of caring for our neighbor and the most vulnerable, caring for the earth, and preserving the planet for generations to come.

Clean Energy

Science clearly indicates that we must reduce our output of carbon dioxide and other global warming pollution. Transitioning away from fossil fuels is a crucial step to mitigating against climate disruption.

Ohio’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Standards

In May 2008, Ohio enacted broad electric industry restructuring legislation (SB 221) containing energy efficiency requirements for investor-owned utilities. In addition to the efficiency standard, SB 221 established the Ohio Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS), requiring utilities to obtain 12.5% of their energy for distribution from renewable resources by 2024, and an additional 12.5% of electricity from advanced resources by 2025.

Legislation (SB310) was passed in May, 2014,  that froze Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency. We continue to advocate for strong energy efficiency and renewable energy standards.


photo 1May, 2014–Ohio faith leaders joined together to call on the Ohio legislature and Governor Kasich to support the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Standards to ensure we are moving towards a Clean Energy era.

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Rev. Craig Foster, OhIPL Technical Consultant, is testifying about the importance of energy efficiency and renewable energy to Ohio.


  • Ensure Ohio is moving towards a clean energy future. Let your Ohio legislators know you support renewable energy and energy efficiency so that Ohio can be a part of the solution!